"You’re a dreamer Ted" It’s something my mother used to say to me often, it's probably why I chose watercolour over other mediums, it’s perfect for dreamers.

It works best when you keep it simple. Like life, if you try to complicate it you'll end up in a mess.

I've painted and drawn for as long as I care to remember. I recall when I was around seven or eight, mum looked at a drawing I was doing and said..."That's good Ted". And, like kids do, I believed her, that's when it all began...

On leaving school I started work as a ticket writer then moved in to freelance sign writing, graphic design, art direction and eventually to artist and teacher.

For eleven years I held the post of Manager/Secretary of the Victorian Artists Society, winning their Artist of the Year award in 2007 and made a Fellow of the Society in 2011.

My message is always the same...See the image, paint the feeling...and above all enjoy what you do! After all...It's not what you produce but what you get out of it!