"Keep it Simple" My philosophy for painting is no different than my philosophy in life!

It's probably why I chose watercolour over other mediums. Like life, if you try to complicate it you'll end up in a mess.

I've painted and drawn for as long as I care to remember. I recall when I was around seven or eight, my mother looked at a drawing I was doing and said..."That's good Ted". And, like kids do, I believed her. And, that's when it all began...

On leaving school I started work as ticket writer then moved in to freelance sign writing, graphic design, art direction and eventually to artist and teacher.

For eleven years I held the post of Manager/Secretary of the Victorian Artists Society, winning their Artist of the Year award in 2007.

I was made a Fellow of the Society in 2011, and at present I teach watercolour painting there among other places with the view that I may be able to impart a little something on those who just have a 'want' to paint in watercolour.

My message is always the same...See the image, paint the feeling, Keep it simple...and above all enjoy it! After all...It's just a piece of paper!